Post Production Generalist | VFX “La Duquesa”
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VFX “La Duquesa”

About This Project

After launching Lutorworks I had successful results working in several movie and T.V. series for Telecinco (T5) broadcasting channel (Spanish broadcasting leader station). With them I had the chance to perform different roles including; special effects supervisor, Compositor and CGI artist in series broadcasted prime time and becoming leading shares.


This is a compilation of some of the VFX work done on “La Duquesa” tv movie directed by Salvador Calvo.


Around this field I have also participated on other successful fiction tv movies as “Alakrana” about a fishermen boat’s kidnapping in the Maritanis seas. Or the biopic “Mario Conde” about the life of a famous banker who had a non “orthodox” practice. And some other such as the latest directing movie from the international actor Jordi Mollà.

VFX Compositor

Eric Lutor


1 Mayo 2009