Post Production Generalist | Gnaposs “Funky Overture in C Minor”
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Gnaposs “Funky Overture in C Minor”

About This Project

This music video was a vision, a must do. We had no money at all and we had a great script we develop with Rodrigo, Gnaposs and myself as a director of operations. A few key positions came on board; Jordi Martos as Director assistant, Gabi Muñoz as Production Manager and David Felices as Director of Photography.


We shoot it on panasonic p2 with a 2 meter dolly grip in a small soundstage which was kind of brand new. This project barely differed from storyboards which we draw and made all the technical study in two days. Postproduction was carried by using After Effects and Cinema 4d. We didn’t use a tracker as we forced camera movement and enhanced acting perfomances. This was a great training project. We all learned from its and we challenged ourself by telling the story we truly knew would shine.





If you are unable to get vimeo access you can stream this video from our internal server at a 720p resolution



Eric Lutor


1 December 2009


Music Video